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    If you have an old car lying around in your backyard, and you want to get rid of it; then old car removal Townsville is the best solution for you. With us, you can get your car removed and earn top cash for it in return as well. You can contact us via our free online form and be among hundreds of car sellers that earn up to $9,999 by getting their car removed by us.

    Letting a scrap car waste away is no way to preserve the environment. Just because a vehicle is not in use doesn’t mean that it’s not worth some cash. The best Scrap car yard in Townsville accepts unwanted, scrap, junk, and accident-damaged cars for cash. We have a streamlined process to give you a hassle-free experience and offer the best value in return.

    car removal Townsville

    We buy All types of cars Accident-damaged Vehicle

    Accident damaged cars have various damages

    • Dented exterior
    • Broken Engine
    • Cracked heat gasket
    • Lose plugs

    No matter how damaged your car is, we will buy it. We know how valuable a car is even in this condition and we are willing to pay top cash for it.

    Car wreckers Townsville

    Junk cars

    If you have a car that is beyond repair and of no use, then fret not we will purchase it. Most people have old cars sitting in their driveways that are not functioning or have missing parts. These cars can be sold to us at good prices.

    Commercial vehicles

    No matter the size of the vehicle, whether it’s a small commercial vehicle or large, we will come and collect it and pay the top price for it. It can be anything from 8-wheelers to pickup trucks we accept them all.

    Abandoned Vehicle

    If there is an abandoned vehicle or an old car in your area, then you can sell it to Car buyers in Townsville. We know what role these abandoned cars play in ruining the look of a neighborhood. Just give us a call and our team will arrive at the desired location to pick the abandoned vehicle for free.



    As cash for cars Townsvillewe provide free car removal service all over Townville and the surrounding suburbsYou don’t have to worry about delivering your old car to us, just give us a call and we will come to you.

    We have a highly trained team of experts that will remove your vehicle safely and without damaging your property. We ensure top quality services. Our Car wreckers Townsville will provide you with a free onsite evaluation. As soon as the evaluation is done we will make our final offer and tow the car away for free.


    We are the most preferred car removal company in the industry because of our unique services. We offer the quickest car removal service also cash for trucks in Townsville wide. With us, you can get your car removed within 24-hours and get top cash up to $9,999.

    All you need to do is contact our customer service department and we will handle the rest. We handle everything from providing a FREE quote to the paperwork involved in the process. Also offer complimentary removal services, so that customer doesn’t even have to spend a dollar.

    Why use our services?

    Ø Guarantee cash in hand up to $9,999

    Ø Provide FREE car removal within 24-Hours

    Ø We provide our services all over Australia

    Ø No. 1 Most reliable company in Australia

    Ø Thousands of satisfied customers!

    Ø Always provide customers with the right value for their vehicles.

    Hassle-free Towing Service

    We make sure customers get the best services with the least amount of hassle. We know how expensive towing can be especially in a place like Townsville. That’s why we offer free towing services to our customers.

    Our team is trained and equipped to handle all types of cars,

    Whether it is:

    • Broken and rusted
    • Wrecked
    • Old
    • Drivable or Non-drivable

    We will remove them and make sure the surrounding is clear of any car parts and not damaged in the process.

    To avail of our services, call us or fill our free form. As per your convenience, our skilled team will come to your location and safely remove your unwanted car.

    Frequently Asked Question

    How can I get rid of a car in Townsville?

    No matter what car make, size, model, or year you got, North Coast Wreckers will buy it for top cash. We provide the quickest car removal services all over Townsville. Just pick up your phone and call us 07 4778 2799 to get rid of your car.

    Do you buy a damaged accident car?

    We say we buy it all, and we mean it. No matter what kind of damage your car has, we are ready to purchase it. Here is the accident damage we usually see in vehicles:

    • Lose plugs
    • Damaged heat gasket
    • Broken engine
    • Smashed exterior
    Do I have to take care of the title transfer paperwork?

    No, North Coast Wreckers takes care of all the legal paperwork for your car. And please note we do not charge any extra fee for the paperwork. It’s totally free.

    Why should I choose North Coast Wreckers for car removal?

    Following are the benefits you get by choosing us:

    • We pay the top cash in Townsville and its surrounding areas
    • We are a licensed professional car buying company
    • Get an exact quote for your quote within minutes
    • We offer free car removal and car towing services
    What kind of vehicles do you buy in Townsville?

    North Coast Wreckers buys all vehicles running or non-running. We pay top dollars for 4×4, 4WD, SUV, Sedan, Ute, or any car you have. We also buy non-roadworthy vehicles for the best cash.

    How quickly will you remove my unwanted car?

    Our car removal is super quick. As soon as you accept the quote, consider the car sold. We will be at your place at the agreed-upon time for car removal. The whole procedure takes less than a day.

    What is your payment mode?

    We prefer to pay you on the spot, cash in hand. But if you would like any other payment mode, we can do that too. With us, you get guaranteed cash up to $9,999.

    How do I get a quote for my car from North Coast Wreckers?

    Tell us the model, make, year, and condition of your car via our online quote form available on our website. We will get back to you within minutes with a quote based on what you told us in the form.

    Can I get a quote via call?

    Yes, of course. Our team is available 24/7, so you can give us a call to get your FREE quote. Tell us about your car’s condition, location, and type. And we will provide you with the quote instantly.

    What will happen to my vehicle after you tow it away?

    After we tow away your car, we ensure to make the next procedure eco-friendly. Our professional team tries to salvage car parts for reuse. The remaining non-usable parts that are no longer useful are then scrapped.

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