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    Give your unwanted vehicle to Car Wreckers Townsville is for people who have old cars piled up in their backyards with no correct way to dispose of them. In Australia alone, there are 500,000 end-of-life vehicles available annually. So correctly disposing of them is a very lucrative business.

    We provide our customers with a way to get rid of their unwanted or junk cars by providing them free car removal services and paying them up to $9,999 in instant cash for cars in Townsville.

    Car wreckers Townsville is a well-known and licensed company in the area. Our experience gives us an upper hand compared to other car wreckers in the industry. We employ trained professionals that follow every guideline imposed by the government to give our customer the best experience possible.

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    Car wreckers Townsville
    Car Parts Townsville

    Variety Of Car Parts Available

    If you want car parts in excellent condition and at affordable prices, then Car Wrecker Townsville is the answer. We wreck cars of every make and model, so we have a variety of parts available at all times. we are a best scrap car yard in Townsville

    In case we don’t have the part you require, we can even arrange it for you in no time. We have networks all over Australia and we can provide you the part within a few days. We also offer Cash for trucks service in townsville

    Just call us and inquire about your requirements. We sure will fulfill it.

    Car Parts Townsville

    Get Your Car Valued In 4 Easy Steps

    • Receive a quick quote by calling us or filling the online form. In the form provide us with the details of the car such as make, model, condition, etc.
    • Schedule an appointment once satisfied with the quote.
    • Our staff will inspect and evaluate the vehicle and provide you with a revised quote.
    • Once satisfied with the quote, our team will pay you top cash up to $9,999 and tow the car away for free.
    Get Your Car Valued In 4 Easy Steps


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    We wreck all variety of cars

    As Car Wreckers Townsville, we wreck all types of cars. We buy brands of all variety whether they are European, Japanese, Korean, or American.

    We know there are a variety of cars that can benefit from wrecking such as:

    cash for any cars

    Our 3 step Eco-friendly car recycling process

    If you want to get rid of your car fast and also be a responsible citizen then Car Removal Townsville has a solution for you. With our eco-friendly recycling process, you can get rid of your car without causing harm to the environment.

    We recycle cars in 3 simple steps

    Step 1 

    All rusted metal parts are removed and all toxic fluids are drained from the vehicle.

    Step 2

    The car goes through dismantling, all of its spare parts are salvaged, and the metal frame is cleaned.

    Step 3

    The metal frame is sent to be recycled.

    This process helps us reuse and recycle the available resources and preserve the environment. Just give us a call and we will tow your unwanted vehicle for free and give you cash up to $9,999.

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