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    We are the best place to sell your old, unwanted, or broken car in the area. We buy all types of cars and pay top cash up to $9,999 in return.

    We are Townsville’s best cash-for-car facility and trusted car buyers, offering customers a variety of benefits. We have professional and experienced people working for us. They ensure that customers are provided with the best services.

    Our services are delivered all over Townsville and its surrounding suburbs. We make sure you sell your car to us in the quest time without any hassle.

    So contact us to have the best car-selling experience in the industry and turn your car into cash today!


    Sell Your Car Fast Through Easiest Townsville Cash for Cars Process

    • Call us or fill the online form to know the exact value of your car
    • Give us your car’s details such as brand, model, year, condition, odometer reading, and get a free instant quote.
    • Give the location of your car and book an inspection from our experts
    • Our staff will give you the final offer after inspecting the car.
    • Our tow trucks will pick-up your car for FREE

    Our representative will give you cash in hand once the paperwork is done and the car is handed over.

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    Junk cars

    If you have a car that is beyond repair and of no use, then fret not we will purchase it. Most people have old cars sitting in their driveways that are not functioning or have missing parts. These cars can be sold to us at good prices.

    Commercial vehicles

    No matter the size of the vehicle, whether it’s a small commercial vehicle or large, we will come and collect it and pay the top cash for cars in return. It can be anything from 8-wheelers to pickup trucks we accept them all.

    Abandoned Vehicle

    If there is an abandoned vehicle or an old car in your area that you want to sell, then you can sell it to Car Wreckers in Townsville. We know what role these abandoned cars play in ruining the look of a neighborhood. Just connect with us and our team will arrive at the desired location to pick up your car for free.

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    Free Car Removal Service With No Hidden Charges

    Our Cash for Cars service in Townsville is the most reliable car removal facility in the area. With us, it doesn’t matter from what location you sell your car. We provide free towing and removal services all over region.

    Whether it is from

    • Highway
    • Office
    • Home
    • Mall
    • Middle of the road

    All of our services are complimentary, so customers don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. Get your cars removed anywhere in Townsville and surrounding area and benefit from our obligation free inspection.

    Get Instant Cash for All Types of Cars 

    We have no preference over the types of cars we accept. We know every car is valuable in its own way and we buy it all. With us, you get prompt cash for cars whether they are drivable or non-drivable.

    Get instant cash for:

    You can refer to our prices guide for more information about our prices for different cars.

    Our dedicated and professional team will offer you top-quality services including car valuations & eco-friendly car recycling and answer all of your questions. We are an established business with years of experience in this industry. We pay fair cash for your cars and offer exceptional customer service. We also offer cash for truck in Townsville

    Why Choose Us in Townsville To Buy Your Car?

    • You can get rid of your scrap or unwanted car with our services.
    • We provide higher rates up to $9,999 compared to our competitors
    • Remove your vehicles in Townsville within 24-hours.
    • No rego required
    • No Roadworthy certificate required
    • Schedule pick-up at your convenience
    • We buy cars with no hidden charges
    • We offer hassle-free paperwork
    • Professional and friendly staff
    • Provide eco-friendly recycling services
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    Corporate Social Responsibility towards the Environment

    Scrap Car Yard Townsville is one of the few car wrecking facilities offering eco-friendly recycling. When we buy a car from customers it is either sold off or recycled.

    During the recycling process, all the working parts of the vehicle are salvaged to be sold. These spare parts are sold at reasonable prices at Car Removal Townsville. And the remaining metal frame of the car is cleaned and sent to be recycled.

    We have taken this environmentally conscious decision to preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy. With our processes, we aim to spread awareness of the eco-friendly process to the masses. This way customers will choose a facility that is not only good for their pockets but also for the environment. Ring us, for more information

    Important points to get best prices for your car

    It’s important for customers to be upfront when providing the details of their car. The more legit the car is the more cash customers will get for it. Therefore it’s important to convey the following points when getting the vehicle inspected:

    • Provide all the original paperwork of the car
    • Provide information about the registration
    • Give accurate odometer
    • Accurate information of the repairs made to the vehicles (especially trucks)
    • Handover the car with all of its original accessories

    For more information, contact us. Our customer service team is always ready to answer the customer’s queries.

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    We Buy Cars In All Conditions

    One of the perks of choosing us is our extensive acceptance of vehicles. We have no boundaries when selling and buying your cars, and we are always pleased to deal with all types and conditions of automobiles that you own.

    As a reliable and most trusted car dealer, we pay top cash offers for all kinds of:

    • Old Cars
    • Junk Cars
    • Unwanted Cars
    • Scrap Cars
    • Written-Off Cars
    • Damaged Cars
    • Broken Cars
    • Used Cars

    If you are looking to selling a vehicle in Townsville whether your car is unroadworthy, get fast cash quotes through our seamless process.

    We Offer the Best Car Wrecking Services for Eco-friendly Car Recycling

    Trusting a car buyer with your vehicle can be challenging. Many car sellers consider the rising concerns for environmental protection to keep their cars out of any ecological damage.

    Thousands of sellers do not just recognize our services; they are also making a significant difference. We have the finest car wrecking and recycling practices that not only abide by regulatory bodies’ policies but also protect the environment. By choosing us, you are responsible for contributing to a greener future.

    We also ensure that our services contribute to resource sustainability by extracting high-quality auto components. These salvage auto parts are later sold to private individuals and auto service stations at lower prices to reduce the overall demand for new parts manufacturing.

    Sell Your Unwanted Vehicle to The Best Wreckers Townsville, North QLD!

    Ford Wreckers Townsville
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    Sell Your Unwanted Car Through Accurate Car Valuation System

    The complex car-selling market comprises many buyers who may pay you low cash for a highly deserving vehicle. To save customers from such conflicts, we have begun to offer instant car valuations supervised by our expert team of appraisers and high-tech softwares to generate error-free quotations.

    Our valuation process is comprehensive, taking into account crucial factors such as the make, model, age, mileage, and condition of your vehicle. This meticulous approach guarantees that you receive the best price in town!

    With us, you can sell your car in Townsville and stay stress-free regarding valuations because we deliver what we commit without having you bear any trouble.

    We make sure you get the best price for your car today!

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What is cash for cars Townsville?

    It is a service offered by the North Coast Wreckers to quickly get rid of a vehicle. Request your free quote today, and we will pay you top dollars for your unwanted junk, scrap, accident, or damaged car.

    Do you buy vehicles other than cars?

    Yes, absolutely. North Coast Wreckers buys every kind of vehicle, including cars, Jeeps, vans, SUVs, Ute, and 4WD.

    Will you buy a car with severe body damage or needs mechanical repair?

    Yes, we buy all kinds of cars. There is no limit of condition on what vehicles would we buy. But if you still have a query, give us a call on 07 4778 2799, and our expert team will guide you.

    How do you provide precise quotes for cars?

    North Coast Wreckers uses quote calculators with the updated automotive market data to provide a fair quote. Our quotes are the highest than any other cash for cars Townsville company.

    Do you need a rego to buy my car?

    No. We do not need any rego or roadworthy certificate to buy your car. Just tell us about this while filling out the form or scheduling the final inspection.

    How much can I get from cash for cars Townsville?

    You can get up to $9,999 cash on the spot by selling your car to North Coast Wreckers. However, the final offer depends on your vehicle’s make, year, model, condition, and mileage. But you can be sure to get the best value for your scrap car.

    How quickly can you buy my car?

    With North Coast Wreckers, selling a car is as simple and easy as making a cup of tea. The whole car selling procedure takes about an hour at max.

    What details do you need to buy my car for cash in Townsville?

    To request your free quote, provide us with the following information:

    • Your contact details
    • Vehicle model
    • Vehicle year
    • Vehicle make
    • Fuel type
    • Engine size
    Will you provide the complete title transfer paperwork?

    Yes, North Coast Wreckers takes care of all the legal paperwork for your car. And please note we do not charge any extra fee for the paperwork. It’s totally free.

    Can I get the quote for my car via call?

    Yes, of course. Our team is available 24/7, so you can give us a call to get your FREE quote. Tell us about your car’s condition, location, and type. And we will provide you with the quote instantly.

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