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    Welcome to Mazda wreckers in Townsville! If you have a Mazda and you are thinking to get rid of it, or you need used auto parts to fix your Mazda, we are your first choice.

    We are leading car wreckers Townsville who deal with all makes and models. We have a huge stock of new, second-hand, and recycled Mazda auto parts and accessories. So, if you are looking for any particularly hard to find a spare part, call us and get a FREE quote now.

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    We Dismantle All Makes & Models Of Mazda

    We wreck thousands of Mazda cars, trucks, SUVs, and 4WDs for used parts. Look at some examples below that we dismantle regularly:

    • Carol
    • Scrum
    • XV-1
    • CX-3
    • CX-30
    • MX-30
    • CX-4
    • CX-5
    • CX-8
    • CX-9
    • BT-50
    • Bongo
    • Bongo Brawny
    • Familia Van
    • Scrum
    • Titan
    • Flair
    • Flair Wagon
    • Flair Crossover
    • Mazda2/Demio
    • Mazda3/Axela
    • Mazda6/Atenza
    • MX-5/Roadster

    We have a large fleet of trucks operating in all over Townsville and among its suburbs. So, we can remove your car from anywhere or at any time.

    Mazda Auto Parts

    We Sell Quality Spare Parts

    We have an expert team of specialized auto wreckers, dismantlers, and electricians who work with hands in hands to bring our customers the top-quality auto parts.

    They carefully remove all the functional auto parts before car wrecking. All spare parts are then thoroughly cleaned and inspected before we resell them.

    The good news is,

    All parts come up with the warranty. On a cherry top, besides bank transfers, we also offer our customers cash on delivery.

    You can also come to our shop to pick up your parts. Being an experienced and the best car removal in townsville, our team will also guide you in choosing the right auto part for your car. So, if you need any replacement of bonnets, bumpers, rims, side mirrors, headlights, tailgates, guards, engine, or any other part, we are your first call!

    Mazda Removals Near Me

    We are Mazda removal experts who ensure you get the highest cash for cars in Townsville. If you are looking to sell any of your damaged, scrap, junk, totalled, used, or unwanted Mazda, calling us now.

    You can also fill up our online form with the details about yourself and the vehicle. Within a short time, our team will contact you with the best quote possible. At that time, mutually, we can decide the time and date to remove your vehicle and pay you cash for Mazda cars on the spot.

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    Why Is Mazda Great?

    The top hidden secret behind the greatness of Mazda is its KODO design and SKYACTIV technology. The design of Mazda is a mixture of beauty and functionality.

    Every model of Mazda has sleek lines that enrich the visual beauty of it. If we talk about technology, Mazda shows greater fuel efficiency and emissions reductions. Generally, Mazda has always been a symbol of reliability and quality. It is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a reasonably priced car that looks attractive, functions well, and is super durable at the same time.

    cash for cars Townsville

    Frequently Asked Question

    1. Which Mazda models do you wreck in Townsville?

    North Coast Wreckers buys all Mazda models in Townsville for top cash. You can sell us Mazda MX-5, Mazda 3, Mazda RX-8, Mazdaspeed3, Mazda Tribute, Mazda B-Series, Mazda RX-7, Mazda CX-9, Mazda MPV, Mazda MX-3, Mazda CX-7, Mazda Millenia, Mazda BT-50, and more.

    2. Which auto parts do Mazda wreckers sell in Townsville?

    North Coast Wreckers sell all Mazda parts, including air filters, brake pads, oil filters, suspension parts, doors, gearboxes, alternators, brake rotors, radiators, belts and hoses, wipers, starters,  power steering parts, spark plugs, and more.

    3. Where can I buy Mazda parts in Townsville?

    More and more people want to buy second-hand Mazda parts as they save money. And that is why North Coast Wreckers offers good quality second-hand Mazda parts at a discounted price.

    4. How quickly will you remove my Mazda from the property?

    As soon as you make an appointment for car removal, we will tow away your car within one to two hours. So, don’t hesitate and call us as soon as you decide to wreck your Mazda.

    5. Do you charge for towing Mazda?

    North Coast Wreckers never charge any fees or charges for towing a vehicle in Townsville. Instead, we pay you the cash before towing it away.

    6. How to sell Mazda for wrecking?

    With North Coast Wreckers, selling a car for wrecking is super easy. Fill out the quote form online or contact us via call. We will provide a quote based on your details. We will remove the car if you like our offer after paying cash.

    7. Where in Australia do you wreck cars?

    Currently, we provide the best Mazda wrecker services in Townsville and the surrounding areas.

    8. Do I need to bring my Mazda to your location?

    No. You don’t need to bring your Mazda to our location. We offer free Mazda removal from all areas of Townsville.

    9. Why choose North Coast Wreckers to wreck my Mazda?

    We provide professional and quick Mazda wrecking services. Here is why you can choose us:

    • We provide fair and competitive prices for Mazda.
    • We always put customers on our top priority.
    • We offer free car removal and towing from anywhere in Townsville.
    10. Will you buy a non-runner Mazda?

    Yes. We buy all non-runner, unwanted, old, junk, scrap, accident, broken, damaged, and faulty Mazda in Townsville. So, whichever condition of Mazda you have, we will buy it for cash up to $9,999.

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