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    The most reliable Scrap Car Yard

    We are a trusted Scrap car yard with a decade of experience in the industry. We aim to provide customers with a well-stocked and organized inventory of top quality used spare parts. Along with that, we provide fast car removal services.

    If you want to get rid of your old used car, Call us And our team will remove it for free and pay up to $9,999 for the unwanted vehicle. We also provide eco-friendly recycling services as a step to converse our environment and help the planet.

    car removal Townsville
    Car Buyer Townsville

    Scrap, Damaged, Old Car Buyer Townsville

    Have a damaged, old, junk car lying around your premises and you feel that junk will worth nothing, try us. We are unwanted car wreckers in Townsville, we purchase a plethora of cars without discrimination and pay up to $9,999 for them in instant cash.

    Whether you have

    • Sedan
    • 4×4
    • Ute
    • SUV
    • Bus
    • Truck
    • Motorcycle
    • Van
    • Jeep

    We will purchase it from you and pay you top cash in exchange. We believe a vehicle has value despite its condition. We take your unwanted vehicle and refurbish its spare parts and remains are sent to be recycled.

    Call us and get rid of your old car fast.

    Car Buyer Townsville

    A stress-free way to sell your unwanted car

    We aim to provide customer ease when carrying out our processes. With our three-step streamlined process, you can sell your car fast.

    Step 1
    Contact Us

    Customers can contact us via the online form or by calling us. We will inquire about the car and provide an instant free quote.

    Step 2
    Schedule Inspection and Pickup

    If satisfied with the free quote customers can schedule an inspection. Customers are responsible for deciding the date, time, and location of the inspection. Once inspected our team will provide a revised and final offer.

    Step 3
    Get Paid

    Once accepted, we will handle all the paperwork and offer cash up to $9,999 to the customer as they hand over the key. Apart from that we also offer free car removal services in Townsville to customers.

    Our services in Townsville

    • Scrap Car Yard Townsville is a genuine and certified business with years of experience in the industry.
    • We have networks all over Australia that help us provide customers the best value for their vehicles.
    • We have a large inventory of used parts which customers can use to buy replacements for their cars.
    • Our parts are genuine and are in excellent condition.
    • For quality used part or quick car removal service, we are the best junkyard in Townsville.
    • We provide quick services and remove the car for free within 24-hours

    For more information regarding our services or policies, please visit our location or call us.

    Eco-friendly Car Recycling at Scrap Car Yard Townsville

    When we purchase a scrap car from customers, we pass it through a rigorous dismantling process. This process consists of 4 steps and is developed using govt. guidelines.

    1. Car removal

    After the final offer is accepted by the customer, we carefully remove the vehicle from the premises and bring it to our facilities.

    2. Removing wastes

    Once the car has reached the scrapyard, all the wastes from the car are removed. Wastes inside the car such as seat coverings, trash, mats, and rusted metal from the outside of the car are all removed.

    After that toxic fluid such as

    • Brake oil
    • Fuel
    • Engine oil
    • AC Coolant
    • Transmission fluid
    • Washer fluid

    All of the toxic liquids are carefully removed and disposed of as to not harm the environment or people.

    3. Dismantling the vehicle

    Once the fluids and the wastes are removed from the vehicle, after that it is dismantled. The team salvages all of the useful spare parts from the car. These parts are taken out to be sold at reasonable prices to customers.

    4. Metal sent to recycling

    Most of the car metal is found in the frame. This metal frame is sent to be recycled and sold wherever there is a need for that metal. This helps the environment by reducing the need for metal to be extracted from the earth.

    For more information about our recycling processes, contact us.

    Why choose us over our competitors?

    We are a fully licensed business

    Scrap Yard Townsville is an established business with years of experience in the cash for cars Townsville industry. We carry out our salvaging process as per the legislation set by the state. We comply with all government policies and procedures and provide customers with the best deal.

    Never make inflated offers to our customers

    Unlike our competitors, we don’t lure customers by offering them inflated quotes, and then after inspection give them an unfair amount for their vehicles.

    We care about YOUR safety

    Driving an old broken car can be a risk for you and your loved ones. We know how expensive new cars can be that’s why we offer up to $9,999 in instant cash so you can sell your old car to us and use this money to buy a newer safer car for you and your family.

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