Does it ever cross your mind that owning an old unwanted car can be an advantage to you? The vintage vehicle you possess is worth a lot than you think. If you gave up on your old ride and you are not sure how to get rid of it, then you have come to the right place. Check out this blog to know the worth of your old car.

Old Is Gold

You have definitely heard the phrase “OLD IS GOLD” well, it indeed is. Because your old unwanted car is more valuable than you think. Auto wreckers like North Coast Wreckers pay up to $8,999 for junk cars; that is A LOT for a scrap car you have in your lot. Don’t You Think?
Instead of letting your car sit away in a garage, give it a chance to breathe and sell it in exchange for cash for old cars in Townsville.

The Car Parts Are Valuable

If your car is totally damaged in a crash or due to any natural disaster like hail or flood damage, the parts your car has are still worth a fortune. North Coast Wreckers are top auto parts buyers and sellers searching for vintage cars like you have to provide the best quality auto parts. So, you are also playing a good part in the community by selling your car parts to us so that others can use them.

Your Old Car Is Helping the Environment

Do you know owning an old car can be harmful to the environment?
Unwanted car in your yard seeps out toxic chemicals in the soil that in turn mix with the water drainage system, indirectly harming the life on earth. When you give up your old unwanted car, you and your vehicle are helping the environment by letting auto wreckers reuse and recycle the car parts and metallic car body. In this way, new metal and car parts production will be reduced, and less coal and energy will be consumed.
So, who do you think has the benefit of owning an old car; You? Who is going to sell your car to put an end to pollution or your neighbor next door who has a vehicle and is not ready to sell it?

Say Goodbye to The Car Expanses

If you have a car eating up your finances due to routine maintenance and repairs, it is now the time to sell it to get something in return than wasting money on a scrap.
It is not unusual for a vintage car to break down often. By turning up your vehicle to auto wreckers, you are not only saving the money but also getting top dollars for the vehicle you thought was worth not more than $1.

Clean and Free Space

Are you tired of your vintage car sitting up in your lot just to show off your friends and neighbors that you have a VINTAGE? Well, you are in luck! It’s your good day to know that you can sell your vintage car for top cash and enjoy a free and clean space in your yard.
Having an unwanted car will benefit you by selling it for instant cash for old cars Townsville and free car towing service.

No Worries for Fuel Fluctuation

An old car which you have consumes a lot of fuel/gasoline, and with changes in fuel prices these days, it is an excellent time to sell your vintage car and buy a new hybrid or electric one. So, you are still in the advantage of having an old car around because you will be getting the most out of your junk car.

Turn Your Vintage Car in For Cash

North Coast Wreckers are cash for old cars in Townsville who are willing to pay up to$8,999. We have licensed auto wreckers that can buy any vehicle you name, no matter how old it is or what makes you have. We have a facility to come to your place anywhere in Townsville and tow away your vintage car and get you a handful amount of money instead.
So, do not get sadden by the junk car you have because that junk is a treasure to us, and not to forget how you are benefiting the environment and your pocket by giving it up.

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